About Puerto Rico

Caribbean archipelago located beyond the coasts of the United States, an idyllic environment with a mix of Spanish, African and American culture, Puerto Rico is a melting pot. Its Spanish heritage is particularly affirmed in architecture as evidenced by old San Juan, where a multitude of pastel colors adorn the homes with Latin-inspired fixtures. Beyond we can find the idyllic beaches of Dorado Beach, Condado Beach and Bahia Beach, where the luxurious Ritz Carlton and Saint Regis hotels are located.

Puerto Rico has a peculiar legal and administrative status as an unincorporated territory of the United States with a Commonwealth designation. Puerto Rico, autonomous and sovereign, is totally independent from the U.S. fiscal authorities and offers many advantages.

Fiscal, Banking, Financial and Real Estate Advantages

The tax rate is extremely low with an income tax of 4%. The tax system of Puerto Rico (Act 20 and Act 22) completely exempts all income and dividends from investments in companies, real estate profits, capital and included income. Puerto Rico provides access to a wide range of banking and financial products and services, including traditional banking products, commercial products, stocks, bonds, options, other financial products, managed accounts, mutual funds, multiple currencies, raw material investments and precious metals.

  • Minimum deposit of 500 euros
  • No minimum balance
  • Full service banking


Puerto Rico also offers banking benefits.
Bank secrecy is total, guaranteeing any account holder true anonymity in all legality. Opening a bank account in Puerto Rico is one of the best options in terms of confidentiality. As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is not part of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) established by the OECD and there is no Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

Offshore Jurisdiction

The assets in Puerto Rican banks are protected against lawsuits, which serves as a major advantage for entrepreneurs, managers and investors that are looking to deposit their money in Puerto Rican banks.


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